Oxygen-enriched water

Features of the oxygen-enriched water

The most important basic elements of life are oxygen and water! Currently, due to the major deforestation and high carbon emissions, the oxygen content of the atmosphere can be reduced to 18%. Such low oxygen levels burden the human body significantly. On such a low oxygen level the tissues suffer from constant oxygen deficiency. It is a scientifically accepted fact that the oxygen deficiency favors the increase of cancer cells. The extra oxygen can slow down the development of tumors in case of certain types of cancer. Nearly a third of people our time strived with shortage of oxygen! The people feel tired; is depressed, will be more inclined to disease. If the body gets enough oxygen, the cellular level increases, the vitality of people grows, public perception improves. The oxygen is usually taken up from the lungs and through our skin, but we are also able to utilize oxygen in our drinks. Through the oxygen coming to the stomach, the growth rate of oxygen content of the tissues is nearly ten times bigger than the oxygen taken by breath!

Clearly provable health benefits can be achieved by at least 35-40 mg / l of oxygen-enriched water. Such mineral water may help in the renewal of cells, detoxifying, faster recovery from illness, relieving pain, to overcome chronic fatigue and to overcome breathing problems as well. The Brill mineral water helps naturally to adjust the pH of our acidic organism, in retrieving our daily need of iodine and with the added medical grade oxygen it can even increase the oxygen levels of the cells. The Brill mineral water is certified water from natural sources, it is soft, has alkaline pH, and contains natural iodine that can be consumed on a daily basis unrestricted.