About water

Clean water detoxicates and relieves our immune system

A small proportion of people consume enough liquids, however the optimal daily fluid intake of an adult is at least 2 liters of fluid. The role of water in our body is so fundamental that if it lacks 2 liters (approx.4%), we get serious dehydration. It is extremely important, what type of drinking water is consumed that contains minerals. If we achieve, that the consistence of the water we drink is lower than the density of our sap of cells, only then we can talk about the optimal eduction, since in this case the entered the water does have a dissolvent ability. When the concentration of our drinking water, soft drinks and food is higher than the density of our sap of cells at osmotic pressure, then the water we entered has no dissolvent ability and drains the cells. This can lead to the imbalance of the cells; our kidneys become overloaded and are unable to exude.

The results are: allergy, intestinal problems, high blood pressure, joint pain, calcification, deposits of stones, etc.. The consumption of pure water allows our body to remove toxins, thus relieves our immune system and increases our resistant ability. Our organism does not need “a lot of fluids,” but a lot of pure water is required. Brill mineral water fulfills the above conditions as its concentration is lower than the osmotic pressure of the cells due to its low calcium and magnesium content, so it helps the body in detoxifying! Neither the majority of the water purifiers nor boiling itself is suitable for neutralizing tap water from chemicals, drug residues. The inorganic materials (such as calcium, magnesium) in most mineral waters accumulate in your body as waste, burdening our excretory system. Water is the primary carrier of information of our organism, because information and nutriments are brought to our cells and organs through water.

The need for iodine

One of the essentials of a healthy organism is the harmonic function of our hormones. The thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate the body’s metabolic rate. To do this, thyroid gland needs iodine. The thyroid processes iodine that is consumed in diet and converts it to hormone. The diseases caused by iodine deficiency can vary: thyroid dysfunction, headaches, liver-and kidney problems, fatigue, metabolic problems, by children developmental problems, etc.. It is therefore important, as in the majority of the Hungarian population iodine deficiency can be detected, to constantly replace the iodine, preferably from natural (iodide) sources! The presence of iodine in sufficient quantities is essential for optimal physical and mental development, and for a lifelong good performance. The minimum daily iodine intake for children- adults is 100 to 200 ug/ day, for young mothers 350 ug / day. The primary natural iodine sources are marine fish and other marine organisms, but these are not available in our country. Only a few domestic foodstuffs contain little iodine, so the consumption of natural iodous water (only a few can be found) is more obvious. It has been shown that the chlorination of drinking water causes significant loss in iodine content. Therefore, it is important to consume potable water with natural iodine!

The Brill mineral water contains 0.1 mg / l iodine.

The benefits of alkaline water

More and more doctors and alternative medical practitioners claim that over-acidification of our body is in the background of many diseases. We could talk about healthy nourishment, if we would consume mainly alkaline foods and drinks. Our nourishment is acidic because of consuming lots of carbohydrates. In the acidified organism the parasites increase better, which leads to disease. Since most of our foods do not offset the acid effects, therefore, the consumption of alkaline water is obvious that covers the daily fluid intake as well. The pH of Brill mineral water equals to the alkaline pH value 8,3 of the duodenum.